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New Book Information Available

We have recently made new information available regarding our upcoming book “Tales From The AT”.  The new section is titled, “About The Author“.  We hope you will check this out at your next opportunity.

As always, Happy Hiking!

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Experiences On The AT

Appalachian Services has temporarily suspended its hiker support services due to the death of an immediate family member who was integral to its proper operation.  In the interim we are attempting to complete a book we began compiling in 2014 chronicling hiker experiences on, and around, the Appalachian Trail.  For more information regarding this book, and/or to submit information regarding your own experiences on the AT, please go to

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Hikers behaving badly: Appalachian Trail partying raises ire

It’s a shame when hikers behavior on the AT is so bad it makes national news, but it’s even worse when this behavior is causing Baxter State Park officials and ATC administration to consider changing the end point from Katahdin to another location thus shortening the trail.  😦 Here’s a link to the full story as reported by Associated Press’ Alanna Durkin on 30AUG2015 and posted on Yahoo!©


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Hiker Advisory – Southern AT

“Spring Break” Hikers and Northbound Thru-hikers: Be Prepared for the possibility of Winter Conditions Through April

Even though warm temperatures can occur in March and April, hikers should be prepared for winter conditions and the possibility of snow on all parts of the Trail through early April. The possibility of snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures continues throughout the month of April at higher elevations of the South (and the northern portions of the A.T.)

The above is a quote from the official ATC Website “Trail Updates” Page –

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