Medical And Personal Transportation

Medical and Personal Transportation

For Both Hikers and Non-Hikers

If you are a hiker within 20 miles of either Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or Cherokee, NC and experience a non-life-threatening injury or illness we will provide you with free transportation TO either an Urgent Care facility or Hospital Emergency Room.  This does not include a return to the trail, or transportation to another location, after your medical visit.  Please call, or have someone else call, 911 for any other type of medical emergency.

For non-hikers we provide (for a fee) non-emergency transportation to either of the above medical facilities as well as to your personal physician, the dentist, and cancer or dialysis treatment center.  We can also provide transportation for grocery shopping, personal visits, travel/vacation(s), etc.  In fact, with adequate advance reservations we will provide almost any type of personal transportation you may need, summer or winter, good weather or bad.

We also provide transportation for Canines, be it to/from the Veterinary, a kennel while you’re away, or to relocate them to a new residence.  We can even take them to your vacation destination if you are traveling by public transportation or are unable to take your Canine pet with you for other reasons.

If applicable, any/all of the above services may incur wait-time fees, and are subject to our policy regarding cancellations.  For more information on wait-time fees please click HERE.  To learn more about our policies regarding cancellations click HERE.

For more information please click HERE or use the convenient “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.  When using the “Contact Us” form, your personal information will not be visible to other users.  Hikers with non-life-threatening medical needs may call us at the number listed in your guides, or the number listed in the “signature” portion of our email(s).

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