International Travelers

We heartily welcome international travelers, and have provided services for people from around the world, so… Greetings from the U.S.A.! We hope your travel is safe, fun, and on-time. To help your pick up to be handled in an efficient manner we need to know the total number of people we will be transporting plus the information requested below. Please provide all of the information to avoid additional charges and/or being stranded at your arrival location. Your information will NOT be shared with a third-party.

Complete travel itinerary provided by your original carrier. This information should include:

  • The name of the original carrier
  • The departing flight number
  • Arriving flight number (even if it is the same as the departing flight number)
  • Scheduled departure information (date, time, and location including city/country/airport name and designation such as ATL
  • Whether the flight is non-stop or has a re-boarding while en route
  • The final destination (city, state, and airport name and/or designation), the arriving flight information (date, number, time, and terminal if listed), plus any other travel related information provided.

A list of all connecting flights, lay-overs, change of carriers, and/or any other scheduled delays.

  • We need to know if you will be changing carriers, i.e. a change from Lufthansa Airlines to Delta Airlines or from an airline to a bus service such as Greyhound Bus Lines or Mega Bus.
  • We need the travel itinerary provided by your secondary carrier
  • Include the new carrier’s name, flight, bus, or train number, the date of the change-over, the location of the change-over, the time of the new carrier’s departure, and the scheduled arrival date and time at your final destination. This information is crucial to us in the event your flight or other transportation is diverted, re-scheduled, or otherwise delayed.

The following information is also needed:

  • If we will be transporting you back to the airport, bus, or train station after your visit we also need full information regarding your departure date, time, location, etc.
  • We need your cellphone number, including your international dialing code, and/or an email address that you will be checking regularly during your travel(s).
  • A Call or text to us immediately if you are informed of an impending delay of any type, or find yourself delayed at the last-minute. If you do not have a cellphone with you most airlines, or the customer service department at most airports, will either allow you to make a phone call of this type from their phone or will place the call for you. You will find our phone number in all emails you receive from us.
    • You may also email this information to us as a “back-up”, however please keep in mind that when we are on the road or otherwise away from the office it may be several hours before we are able to receive this information. This delay could result in additional fees being added to your shuttle rate. Please see the “Fees And Rates” tab of our website for information regarding these fees.
  • A recent photo of you, and/or your group, is extremely helpful for recognizing you at your pick up point. If a recent photo, not one that is 2 or 3 years old, is not available then a full description of you (and your group if applicable) can be substituted. Please include a clothing and luggage description. Once your transportation has been booked with us we will provide you with a recent photo of your driver, or their full description, and their business cellphone number that will be used while performing your shuttle.
  • If you will be picked up at an airport your driver will meet you at the baggage claim area/carousel assigned to your flight. To avoid delays and/or problems finding you (or you finding your driver) go immediately to the baggage claim area upon arrival and wait there for your driver to avoid being considered a “no-show“. Our drivers typically arrive at the airport ahead of time in case your flight arrives early, unless delayed by unforeseen traffic problems while en route, therefore they should be at the baggage claim area waiting for you. After meeting with your driver you will be given time to get a meal, drink, and/or take care of any other personal needs before beginning your shuttle.

We know some of the above information is repetitive, however it is extremely important all of the above is followed so we can provide your transportation service(s) in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information, or to schedule a shuttle, please contact us by clicking HERE or on the convenient “Contact Us” form at the top of the page. When emailing from your own email address please mention something about “transportation” or “International Traveler” in the subject line of your email to help prevent your inquiry from being diverted to the Junk Mail box by our spam filter.

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