Fees And Rates


During our 15 (+) years of service we have found that a much more fair, and less expensive, way to set fees is to use a combination of mileage and drive time rather than just mileage alone.  This way an individual will pay less for a shuttle or vehicle relocation that consists primarily of highway driving, as opposed to traveling Forest Service roads, than if the traditional method of determining fees using mileage alone is used.

We normally require a deposit of 50% of the shuttle fee before scheduling support services of any type, then the balance due is payable at the time of your pick-up.  The only exception to this is long-distance shuttles where Payment In Full is required at the time reservations are made due to the distance and time involved.  This deposit/prepayment is handled thru PayPal’s email invoice system, however you do not need to be a PayPal member to take care of this by credit or debit card.  If you wish, you may pre-pay for your shuttle through PayPal and receive a 10% discount for doing so, however pre-payment is not currently required.  Deposits and pre-payments are non-refundable effective 01MAY2015.  Please see our cancellation policy for details.  To make a deposit or prepayment without waiting for the email invoice please click HEREPlease Remember – Your shuttle information will not be entered into our schedule until this payment (your deposit or prepayment) has been made.  Delay(s) of more than a few hours in making the deposit/payment may result in loosing your preferred time slot(s).  If your payment is handled by an emailed invoice your payment will be due within 24 hours of us emailing that to you.  Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, in writing (email), payment(s) not made within this time frame will cause us to assume you no longer want the shuttle and we will resume accepting reservations for the given time slot(s).

The shuttle fee balance is due, in cash, at the time you are picked up unless prepayment has been made.

Unlike many other shuttle services we do not have “add-on” or “surcharge” fees added to our base rate(s) other than those listed below.  The rate quoted for the shuttle itself is what you will pay except during times of rapidly inflating fuel prices.  If this is expected to impact your shuttle rate you will be told this in advance at the time of the rate quote.  You will not be surprised by a rate increase at the last-minute.


If multiple shuttles are scheduled at the same time we offer a discount on the total rate.  The discount amount is based upon the number of shuttles scheduled and the total amount of the fees.  * Ask for details*


Wait Time – Because of possible traffic, and public transportation, problems we build in up to an hour of “lee-way” when scheduling shuttles, however since our schedule is normally very tight otherwise, and a late arrival impacts not only your shuttle but shuttles which may follow yours, we have found it necessary to have a wait time fee for any wait in excess of 1 hour.  Should you arrive more than an hour late (i.e. 61 minutes) for your shuttle we will assess a wait-time fee of $20 per hour retroactive to the originally scheduled pick up time IF our schedule allows us to wait that long for you.  The same wait-time fee also applies to non-hiker personal transportation shuttles such as medical/dental visits, shopping, etc.  In these cases the wait-time begins at the time you are dropped off and is assessed in 1 (one) hour increments for each hour, or portion of an hour, you are not in our vehicle.  Please ask for clarification if you do not understand how we charge for this.


We will pick clients up at just about any hour, however extremely early or extremely late shuttles are priced differently than “standard” shuttles.  If your shuttle requires us to be on the road, either getting to or back from your pick up/drop off point, before 6:00am or after 9:00pm, up to $40 will be added to the normal rate for that shuttle.  You will be quoted the applicable fee for this at the time your reservation is made if that is a consideration.

Cades Cove

Shuttles into or out of the Cades Cove area (i.e. past the 1st picnic area on Little River Road)  will incur a fee of $50 in addition to the normal mileage/drive time shuttle fee due to the extreme traffic conditions encountered there.  It typically takes three (3) times longer to make the drive into and out of Cades Cove than it does any other area of the park.


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