Inside A Walk in the Woods

Another great articles from Mountain Crossings At Neel Gap. 🙂

Mountain Crossings at Neel Gap

As many fans of the Appalachian Trail are already aware, the release of Bill Bryson’s popular book A Walk in the Woods is just around the corner. Labor Day marks the premiere of the movie adaptation of one of the most well known books written about the AT. Though Bryson did not successfully thru hike the Appalachian Trail, in his book he excellently captured the spirit of the trail and the lives of thru hikers in a most hilarious way. In the making of the movie, the cast and crew went to great lengths to pay the proper homage and to bring to light those who keep the spirit of the AT bright and shining. Many iconic stops along the Appalachian Trail were used as filming locations including Amicaloa Lodge and Springer Mountain. Last summer, well over a year ago, the crew came up to Neel Gap to film the main…

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