Last-Minute Shuttles

We are more than happy to help hikers out when plans fall through, they get the sudden urge to hike, or have an injury / illness that needs attention and there is a need to contact us at the last minute.  Since there is no way for us to plan ahead for these things we often have to change our personal plans, re-direct resources, or miss a meal.  We will gladly make this accommodation if possible, however please have the common courtesy, and decency, to wait for us to get to you after calling for our assistance.  Fuel is expensive, and during the season time is at a premium.  “Catching a ride” with someone else, or simply disappearing before we (or any other shuttle provider) can get there, is rude and unthoughtful.  Please don’t treat our desire to help you out any differently than you would like to be treated under the same circumstances.

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