Getting Back To Nature In A Digital Age

Image Courtesy Of Wilder Child -  (@beawilderchild)

Image Courtesy Of Wilder Child           (@beawilderchild)

“Mentor your kids about the world away from their digital screens”, says paleontologist Scott Sampson

By Tiffany Crawford, Vancouver Sun March 3, 2015

“When my three-year-old son started rattling off a list of dinosaur names I’d never heard of, let alone pronounce, I thought he was some kind of genius – a parasaurawhat now? “It’s a parasaurolophus.” But I quickly realized that he is not the only kid with an impressive vocabulary of prehistoric animals. Many on social media are remarking on how their young children, nieces or nephews know so much about the cretaceous period. Well, it turns out that’s thanks to a popular kids TV show on PBS – a Jim Henson production called Dinosaur Train. The show’s host, world-renowned paleontologist Scott Sampson, who grew up in Vancouver but lives in the U.S., has written a book that links the growing disconnect between children in the digital age and nature with the global sustainability crisis. The Vancouver Sun spoke to Sampson to find out more about his book “How to Raise a Wild Child.” The following interview is edited for space.”  Read More Here

Dr. Scott Sampson

Dr. Scott Sampson


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