We are both proud of, and appreciate, the services provided by the Military, Law Enforcement, Public Safety/EMS, Scoutmasters (both male and female), and last, but certainly not least, Teachers/Instructors/Professors.  In order to show our gratitude we gladly offer shuttle rate discounts to those who are involved in any of the above fields of employment.  Simply let us know this when you email (if your email address does not reflect it) and we will apply the discount to your rate.  Should your email address not reflect one of the above fields of employment a work/government ID may be required.  We also applaud those who are pursuing “higher education”, so if you are a college or university student let us know, then show us your current/valid student ID at the time of your shuttle.

Everyone enjoys a discount even if they don’t “fit” any of the above categories, right? Well,there are two other ways to get a discount on your shuttle(s).

The First Way – If you don’t qualify for any of the above, but know someone who does, refer them to us. If they tell us you referred them at the time they schedule one of our services, then you will get a discount on your rate also. How’s that for a deal?  ** Ask For Details **

The Second Way – If you still don’t qualify for a listed discount, but would like a discounted shuttle rate anyway, hike during the “off-season”.  We always discount our rates from October thru January.  Late Fall and Winter hiking is more fun than you may realize.  In fact, that’s when we usually hike.   There are far fewer bugs, much less hiker traffic which means more solitude and shelters which are not crowded, the views are much better (not that we have anything against foliage), and the body heat generated while hiking works to your advantage rather than against you.  If you haven’t tried it, perhaps you should do so this year.  You’ll be glad you did.  🙂

Sorry, we do not allow the “stacking” of discounts, i.e. the discounted winter rate plus a discounted employment/student rate.  Also, you can not “stack” referral discounts, however they can be saved up and used on subsequent hikes.  ** Ask For Details **

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